Actors of a sustainable Paris

(FINALIST 2017) Sustainable city: promoting activities to reduce the ecological footprint.

“Les Acteurs du Paris durable” (Actors of a Sustainable Paris) is a programme that turns the spotlight on those who take action to protect the climate and the environment in the French capital, aiming to motivate their neighbours, friends, colleagues and competitors to also get involved. In Paris thousands of individuals, businesses and associations are trying to reduce the environmental footprint of the capital with local, concrete, modest or more ambitious activities. Les Acteurs du Paris durable is a website and a meeting place to provide visibility and promote networking among activists. Launched by the City of Paris, it publicises activities, so they can be shared and inspire others. The site lists needs and offers solutions, as well as tools:

agendas, useful documents, current events in and around Paris, contacts, and reports of experiences. In the Maison des Acteurs du Paris durable, in the heart of Paris, events take place, such as exchange workshops or roundtables with experts and influential figures.





Deputy Mayor in charge of Environment