Arcueil, Edible City

(FINALIST 2017) Better living: growing edible plants in public parks and green spaces.

The town of Arcueil is located 2 km south of Paris with a population of more than 20,000 inhabitants and growing. In 2014 the newly elected local government decided to take action to improve the town’s sustainability and provide the people with a better living environment. The “edible city” is part of this vision. The idea was to make public parks more useful by planting edible plants, encouraging citizens to grow food in public and private spaces (streets, courtyards, roofs, balconies, etc.) and turning vacant lots into community and allotment gardens.

The edible city concept addresses social and environmental issues such as healthy nutrition for all; social ties (bringing together different generations and cultures through gardening); climate change mitigation and adaptation (production of local food, reduction of the urban heat island effect); education (increasing environmental sensitivity and knowledge of nature); and biodiversity protection (local varieties of fruits and vegetables, insects, birds, hedgehogs, frogs, etc.).



Simon Burkovic

Municipal Councillor