(FINALIST 2019) Migrants are welcomed and supported through this community programme which helps them integrate into life in the UK.

Connected Communities is a programme that aims to make migrants feel welcome, support them to settle quickly into London and improve their accessibility to Haringey Council’s services. Haringey has high levels of migration and population change; 45 percent of residents were born outside the UK and one third of residents have lived in the borough for less than five years. These factors provide distinct challenges to building strong, integrated communities.

Connected Communities supports new migrants in the following ways: 1. Navigating the system: improving access to appropriate information, advice, guidance and support; 2. Housing: support with finding suitable homes that meet residents’ needs; 3. Employment: finding qualification-appropriate job and career progression pathways; 4. Parenting and early years: support with successfully transitioning to parenthood and ensuring children have the best start; 5. Community groups: integrating migrants into the wider community and building social networks. A sixth area that runs throughout the programme is providing suitable means to improve English language skills amongst new migrants, which is usually a critical element to obtaining a job, accessing services and successfully integrating into life in the UK.


Sarah James

Cabinet Member for Adults and Health in Haringey Council