(FINALIST 2019) Lithuanian professionals with internationally acquired experience help the Lithuanian Government to adopt the best foreign practices.

The younger generation is increasingly mobile in our global world. Young people leave their home countries in search of the education they desire, or the careers they aspire to. The youth of Lithuania are venturing beyond their country’s borders to better themselves in a way that suits them best, but for the homeland they leave behind it is tremendously important that they find their way back. In order to encourage this, the national agency Invest Lithuania collaborated with the Lithuanian Government to launch a pioneering project – Create Lithuania.

Create Lithuania is the first, and still the only, programme in Lithuania for professional development and the application of the best foreign practices in Lithuania. It enables professionals to contribute towards shaping the future of modern Lithuania with their knowledge and ideas. Since 2012, the programme has been employing professionals of Lithuanian origin with internationally acquired experience. Over one year, participants advise various bodies within the public sector on national and regional issues in areas such as; digitalisation, e-governance, enhancing competitiveness, the business environment and improving public governance – especially in the fields of innovation, sustainable development and mental health.


Agila Barzdiene

Head of "Create Lithuania"

Virginijus Sinkevicius

Minister of Economics and Innovation

Ieva Nagyte

Programme Coordinator