(FINALIST 2019) The creativity of Irish citizens is supported and promoted through its integration into public policy.

The Creative Ireland Programme is a five-year government initiative to place creativity at the centre of public policy. Led by Minister Josepha Madigan of the Department of Culture, Heritage and the Gaeltacht, this programme proposes that participation in cultural and creative activities promotes individual, community and national wellbeing. Two and a half years in, the programme is realising this proposition by devising and facilitating a range of innovative and empowering initiatives to support the creative potential of Irish citizens. The programme promotes understanding and appreciation of the value of creativity in all its forms, engages and influences decision-makers to embed creativity in public policy, and supports and enables participation in creative activities. It is built around five pillars: 1. Enabling the creative potential of our young people; 2. Creative communities; 3. Investing in our creative and cultural infrastructure; 4. Ireland as a centre of creative excellence; 5. Our global reputation.

The programme’s collaborative approach, working across sectors, government and state agencies, combined with a powerful vision and strong leadership, has facilitated a transformational change in the perception of creativity as a catalyst for positive change for Irish citizens.


Josepha Madigan

TD and Minister for Culture, Heritage and the Gaeltacht