(WINNER 2019) One community fridge saves 90,000 food items per year from being wasted.

In May 2016, Frome Town Council worked with Edventure Frome CIC to set up the UK’s first community fridge. The aim of the project was to reduce food waste and to connect the community. A network of volunteers coordinates with local businesses to fill and clean the fridge each day. A report published in May 2019 found that the fridge saves 90,000 items a year from being wasted, reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 140 tonnes.

The success of the Fridge has inspired more than sixty other community fridges to open across the country. In October 2018, a community larder was also set up to accommodate items that do not need refrigeration. The Fridge and Larder are open daily and available for anyone to make use of, bringing neighbours and communities together to share surplus and increase access to fresh produce.


Anna Francis

Resilience Manager in Frome Town Council