(FINALIST 2018) Sharing knowledge: a programme that connects the Lithuanian diaspora around the world, to share their ideas and skills with their home country.

With today’s population at 2.8 million, Lithuania has a long emigration history and a strong diaspora. About 1.3 million people of Lithuanian origin live abroad. The Lithuanian government realises the diaspora’s capital and aims to promote the idea that all Lithuanians can maintain close ties with Lithuania and contribute to the country’s development. In pursuit of this goal, the government adopted the Global Lithuania Programme.

This project encourages the development of organised community activities abroad, involves the diaspora in a consistent dialogue and provides funding for selected initiatives, which promote the Lithuanian language, identity, culture, business, tourism and others.

Complex network-building with diaspora professionals remains a high priority. The key to success lies in transforming „brain drain“ into „brain circulation“. Every motivated Lithuanian willing to stay connected to their homeland can contribute their knowledge, ideas and experience through available mechanisms and instruments that promote collaboration and closer contacts in such areas as trade and investment, scientific and technological innovation, Lithuanian language education, culture, tourism and others.



Linas Linkevicius

Minister of Foreign Affairs