Integrated ecological education in Słupsk

(FINALIST 2017) Joint efforts: coordinated ecological education brings measurable benefits.

Integrated ecological education in Słupsk involves companies (water, waste management, housing, etc.), NGOs and other entities which jointly plan and organise educational activities so as to make them most effective. The city’s Department of Environmental Protection coordinates the activities. So-called Green Points in the branches of the public library are run by trained staff and equipped with educational materials. Each month one issue is promoted in the whole city: recycling, drinking tap water, green mobility, etc.

Various partners contribute to the common goal: one acts as the leader, another prints posters, one puts them up in the buses and city institutions, one organises conferences. The mayor is also personally involved: he presents the advantages of environmentally friendly behaviour each month in a short film. The film’s impact is very high. Each new step means less pollution. Citizens also benefit financially and by having a higher quality of life. Savings on food, tap water, and from using LED bulbs amount to up to 800 euros per person annually.





Robert Biedron

Mayor of the City of Słupsk