(FINALIST 2019) Young participants are invited to solve cultural challenges in their home city.

Kaunas’s 2022 youth programme ‘Kaunas Challenge’ presents a youth empowerment practice, which is adaptable and helps involve youngsters in solving the cultural challenges of the city. The programme offers various ways for students to grow their social competences, with seminars that are focused on encouraging personal growth. The young participants are aware of the organisation and its goals and are also involved in improving the programme, giving them ownership and the opportunity to join the team during or after the programme.

There are no boundaries in creating this social and cultural project that adds true value to the city and fosters creativity. The participants work in teams to create something that will lead to real change, creating products, services or projects designed with the input of the target audience. For given challenges, youngsters are provided with guidelines, mentors for each group and, if needed, other professionals from the cultural field. The challenge gives participants real-life experience and the Kaunas Challenge environment is a safe place to fail, learn and develop with the projects. This project adds value both for the city and the individuals involved.


Visvaldas Matijošaitis

Mayor of Kaunas city

Evelina Suscickyte

Programme Curator

Sandra Karnilaviciute

Programme Coordinator