(FINALIST 2018) A space to be heard: workshops that enable citizens to voice complaints, and ask questions about action taken in the national assembly.

Legislative laboratories, initiated by Laurent Saint-Martin, are held every Monday. The deputy facilitates two-hour working meetings on a specific theme, in connection with his activity in the National Assembly. Real places of democratic emulation, these working groups enable all citizens, politically engaged or not, to be heard in the National Assembly and to better understand the workings of their political institutions. Since August 2017, the workshops have been a real success: 40 laboratories have been set up, with more than 150 people a month taking part.

Each laboratory is organised around four phases:
– A phase of pedagogy and preparation, during which thematic files are sent to the participants before each session, allowing them to prepare for the debate
– A consultation phase, where everyone has the opportunity to propose solutions
– A phase where other matters can be addressed through questions and answers
– Finally, a report of the debates is sent to all participants
The laboratories directly feed into the activity of the deputy. Laurent Saint-Martin is convinced that the first parliamentary exchange does not actually take place between the two chambers, but between the citizens and their deputies.




Laurent Saint-Martin

Member of Parliament