London Ealing Council – Trees for Cities Partnership

(FINALIST 2017) Food from the wild: free fruit for all from trees planted on public land.

In 2016 Ealing Council in London started a strategic partnership project with Trees for Cities. The three-year project includes: mapping to identify tree planting sites, considering air quality hotspots and flood risk areas; London’s first eco survey to discover the monetary value of the tree ecosystem; community consultation about citizen’s attitude to trees; six community tree planting and greening projects, such as food-producing urban woodlands, community orchards and tree trails. One year in, a new community orchard of 30 different fruit tree varieties has been planted. It will provide a free food resource for residents, as well as a habitat for beetles, birds and other animals.

Also, new edible woodland has been created: more than 800 volunteers planted over 20,000 trees, including many fruit trees. Gathering wild foods is a forgotten skill in the UK. Ealing’s project rebuilds a healthy environment, enhances biodiversity and offers residents of all ages the chance to connect to nature, enjoy free food sources and benefit from being outdoors.




Julian Bell

Councillor, Leader of Ealing Council