Plus belles nos vies

(FINALIST 2017) Improving community life: citizens collaborating on grassroots projects.

In 2016 the town of Orvault launched a digital platform to call for citizen projects related to local quality of life. It offered the residents three levels of involvement: “I have a project”, “I express an opinion and vote” and above all “I want to get involved in a project”. Plus Belles Nos Vies achieved 2,475 connections, 10 projects published out of 12 submitted, 49 referenced contributors, and 383 votes.

Among the published projects, the installation of beehives in a residence managed by the residents themselves and a service for carpooling between districts were pursued, due to their relevance, their replicability, the number of contributors and of votes. They will benefit from assistance from the local authorities and some funding in 2017. The eight other projects were handled in citizen workshops in order to enable their implementation with the support of the local authorities. The initial platform was expanded to offer a permanent collaborative tool for citizens and to welcome the next call for projects in 2018.



Catherine Heuzey

Assistant City Council of Orvault, in charge of Environment and Sustainable Development