(WINNER 2018) Transparency in food: an online platform designed to create traceable supply chains from farmers to restaurants.

Regiothek is an online platform intended to create maximum food transparency from farm to fork – restaurant A gets beef from butcher B, who buys cattle from farmers C and D… supply chains like this are geographically visualised to create maximum traceability for the benefit of small farmers, food crafters, restaurants and retail stores. External communication has become a big challenge for them. By creating a Regiothek account, they can meet consumers who wish to have as much food transparency as possible and who increasingly use digital devices to inform themselves.

Currently, the prototype online is being improved and enhanced in cooperation with 40 small businesses in the pilot region of Eastern Bavaria. The long-term goal is to create a Europe-wide social network for good foodstuffs; to allow people to buy what we consider to be “good food”, corresponding to ecological, social and cultural criteria which are essential for our future; to support local farming, promote a sustainable and mostly organic agriculture, preserve traditional handicraft and culinary diversity; and to contribute to liveable regions, to an environmental-friendly production system and to the promotion of healthy products.




Erika Träger

3rd Mayor of the City of Passau