Revegetating license – Permis de végétaliser

(FINALIST 2017) Greening the city: licences for everyone to garden in public space.

Gardening in the streets of Paris is allowed! Installing a planter at the corner of your street to grow tomatoes, transforming a postbox into a plant installation … Such interventions contribute to the greening of the city. On a public street they require the prior authorisation of the City Council of Paris: this is the principle of the license to revegetate.

Adopted in 2015 by the Paris City Council, it allows everyone to become an actor in the revegetation of Paris. Everyone can, with a few clicks on, submit their application and, except in very special cases requiring thorough technical studies, a month later the applicant will receive, for free, authorisation to become a gardener of public space, valid for three years and tacitly renewable. The project owner signs the vegetation charter which commits them to use local and melliferous plants favouring the biodiversity of Paris, not to use pesticides and to ensure the maintenance of the installations. Advice and a planting kit including soil and seeds are provided on request.




Pénélope KOMITÈS

Deputy Mayor of the City Council of Paris, in charge of Green Space, Nature, Biodiversity