(FINALIST 2019) Reducing information isolation by providing computer literacy training for older people in Vratsa.

The ‘Smart Library’ is a communication centre in a library in Vratsa that serves the technological needs of local people over 55 years old. It aims to help overcome the social exclusion that affects nearly 45 per cent of the older inhabitants in the area, by giving them access to mobile devices and applications.

Initially, computer literacy training was conducted for nearly 100 users and 24 library specialists from the towns of Vratsa, Mizia and Byala Slatina, who will continue the project by passing on what they have learned. The Smart Lib increases the quality of life of people over 55 in the Vratsa district and reduces their information isolation, preparing them for e-government services and expanding their skills and capabilities.


Kalin Kamenov

Mayor of Vratsa Municipality