Villages Compete for Climate Protection

(FINALIST 2017) CO2 reduction: villages compete for most effective energy-saving measures.

The project Villages Compete for Climate Protection puts villages of up to 1,500 inhabitants in competition with each other. In the first competition, Our Village Saves Electricity, the focus was on private households which competed with households in other villages. During the six-month competition, around 150,000 kWh/a were saved, which corresponds to a CO2 equivalent of around 97,500 kilograms. The competition Our Village Uses the Sun involved allocating previously unused roofs to solar energy production.

Twenty-three villages with a total population of 16,000 took part, with the winning village able to tap 4.25% of unused potential space for new solar panels. A third round, entitled Our Village is Electrically Powered, is currently being planned, with the focus on mobility. The competitions are coordinated by an interdisciplinary working group from two adjoining administrative districts, made up of climate protection and regional managers, as well as representatives of an energy agency and regional energy suppliers.



Bernhard Reuter

Landrat des Landkreis Göttingen