We honour political work that takes a responsible approach to reconciling our need for energy, mobility, housing and food with the needs of our environment – as our well-being depends on it.


Katowice involves its citizens in the development of a green and safe city that has more trees, repairs defects immediately and offers well taken care of public spaces.

ReLabs – Laboratory of Living Waste

A circular system of material usage and re-use changes the urban design and waste management landscape of Madrid, leading to the construction of playgrounds from repurposed materials as well as fundamental systemic changes.

Super Circular Estate

Outdated high-rise buildings are deconstructed and the recovered materials reused to build sustainable, modern social housing units, with low carbon footprints.

We Retain All Rainwater

A complex and comprehensive water management system allows Podkowa Leśna to mitigate the effects of climate change whilst protecting precious water resources.

Leuven 2030

Leuven 2030 is a city-wide non-profit organisation that has created a comprehensive roadmap for a climate-neutral future which engages citizens in an innovative quadruple-helix model of cooperation.

SeaChange on Greek Islands

The Greek island of Donoussa is a successful model for other islands where residents and businesses commit to reducing their usage of disposable plastic items to improve the environment and encourage sustainable tourism.

Energy Income

The project supports socially vulnerable citizens achieving energy independence, whilst creating a beneficial circle where non-consumed energy is used to finance new photovoltaic systems for further households.