Winning hearts, minds and votes

European Conference on Best Practice in Political Innovation

The Innovation in Politics Awards 2018 presented the most creative and courageous political projects in Europe - regardless of party affiliation, region and level. Out of 600 nominated projects, a jury of more than 1,000 European citizens has selected the best of the best, representing a wide spectrum of examplary political work.

At "Winning Hears, Minds and Votes", the 80 finalists of The Innovation in Politics Awards 2018 from all over Europe provided insights into their best-practice projects, their learnings and do's and don'ts in direct dialogue with politicians, enterpreneurs, young citizens and journalists.

Winning Hears, Minds & Votes was hosted by

  • B&C Foundation
  • European Forum Alpbach
  • Federation of Austrian Industries
  • Kahane Foundation
  • The Innovation in Politics Institute

As host of The Innovation in Politics Awards, the City of Vienna cordially welcomed all finalists.

This exchange took place in the historic center of Vienna - a setting best suited for in-depth dialogue.