Back to work, now!

European conference on creating jobs for long-term-unemployed over-50s

20,000 new jobs for over-50s – this is the objective of the Austrian Federal Government’s Aktion 20.000 initiative. Municipalities and social enterprises are going to create these jobs, which will range from assistance in schools and care for the elderly to support functions in municipal institutions.

Unemployed over-50s can be found in all European countries, and some of these countries have established successful and innovative job-creation projects. The aim is to integrate know-how from such examples of best practice into the Aktion 20.000 initiative. To this end, Austrian Federal Ministry of Labour, Social Affairs and Consumer Protection in cooperation with The Innovation in Politics Institute brought together politicians, experts and citizens from several European countries for a creative and fruitful exchange in Vienna.

Alois Stöger

Former Minister, Austria

As a minister, I have attended many conferences. But this definately was one of the best.