The Fountain of Youth

How we benefit from empowering the young in politics“ at this year’s European Forum Alpbach, on 25 August 2019.

Together with the European Forum Alpbach, the City of Vienna and Act.Now, the Innovation in Politics Institute was the host of the session “The Fountain of Youth – how we benefit from empowering the young in politics“ at this year’s European Forum Alpbach.

At this gathering showcased some of the most successful and effective initiatives in Europe that aim to increase participation of young citizens. We can see that politicians throughout Europe are involving young people in decision making processes more and more. And movements founded by young people are contributing to innovative and effective change.

Young citizens are increasingly demanding a place at the table when it comes to decisions that affect their lives, such as climate protection, education and employment programs.

Breakout-Session "The Fountain of Youth"

This year’s session in Alpbach addressed successful youth strategies in a session designed to provide insights on how to engage young citizens, provided by practitioners and political innovators. Participants joined a select group of initiators of youth participation programs.

In a dialogue-oriented format, attendees shared their do’s and don'ts and experiences – from political best practice projects in several European countries. practitioners and political innovators.

At this breakout session, participants were able to join a select group of presenters and speakers. The session was be visited by about 50 attendees from all over Europe. In a dialogue-oriented format and a lively exchange about learnings, do’s and dont's and experience from political best practice in several European countries were discussed.

The following persons joined us at the table:

  • Amanda Chetwynd-Cowieson, Head of Student Mobilisation, FFS - For our Future’s Sake, London
  • Jürgen Czernohorszky, Executive City Councillor for Education, Integration, Youth and Personnel, Vienna
  • Melanie Eberhard, Project Manager,; Member of Management, Umbrella Association Youth Parliaments DSJ, Basel
  • Johanna Leukkanen, Planning Officer, Youth, Culture and Leisure Division, City of Helsinki
  • Suki Wan, Former Chair, SYP - Scottish Youth Parliament, Edinburgh

Philippe Narval

Managing Director European Forum Alpbach

"Our democratic societies in Europa are under assault. To win this fight we need to reduce fear of the future, raise a broad understanding of facts, lead by example and create constructive change. All of this, and more, needs efficient dialogue, cooperation and communication as well as space and structure – across borders and beyond party lines. The European Capital of Democracy initiative will provide all of that, through – and for – all of us."