Digital works for people

European Conference on work in a digital world

Digitalization is fundamentally changing our workplace.

However, the new opportunities brought about by digitalization can be used to create a better working environment and new, high-quality jobs for employees and workers.

That requires the cooperation of political actors, businesses and employees.

To that end, the Vienna Chamber of Labour and The Innovation in Politics Institute brought together members of works councils and unions, politicians, business owners and managers as well as experts from all over Europe at ”Digital works for people“.

In the months before, we sought and found the best and most innovative European projects in the field of ”Digitalization and work“. The initiators and owners of these projects shared their experiences at the conference, so that this knowledge can be implemented into new initiatives and projects in Austria. To stimulate this exchange, we developed a new, unusual conference format.

The conference was consistently bilingual, held in German and English.