Have a look at some examples of our work – and the partners and clients we work with.

Here, we invite you to look at what we have produced for our partners and clients to initiate and support innovation in politics.

Whether you are looking for

  • highly effective (unusual) formats for political exchange,
  • identifying best practice in politics and policy for a specific topic,
  • bringing the most creative and courageous politicians and political administrators to your table,
  • or integrating experience-based advice to suit your specific task, our services are always based on the expertise of Europe´s best politicians.

Winning Hearts, Minds and Votes

Partners: Austrian Federation of Industries

Topic: European Conference on Best Practice in Political Innovation – the Finalists of the Innovation in Politics Awards 2018 meet with media, experts, citizens and politicians

Digital Works for People

Partners: Austrian Chamber of Labor

Topic: European Conference on Work in the Digital World

Politics, Coffee and Cake

Partners: City of Vienna, European Forum Alpbach

Topic: Meet the finalists of the Innovation in Politics Awards 2017 – 160 representatives of the media, experts and politicians

Back to work, now!

Partners: Federal Ministry of Labour, Austria

Topic: European Conference on Creating Jobs for Long-Term-Unemployed Over 50s