(FINALIST 2018) Mobilising a neighbourhood: an initiative to better engage rural communties by having schools serve as the centre of the community.

This initiative aims to engage and mobilise adults, through their children, to actively participate in forming neighbourhood and community programmes. The main idea is to empower rural schools to organise activities as a multifunctional centre, bringing together all generations for:

• Cleaning and “greening” of the school’s surroundings
• Organising tailored events for children and their parents, such as the celebration of the start of the school year and Christmas festivities, as well as a celebration to honor elders, thematic quizzes, a family sports competition, and an end-of-year school concert
• Organising civic actions that are very much appreciated by the rural community, such as giving your neighbour a national flag or a Christmas card, bringing schoolchildren, their parents, as well as teachers together to prepare and distribute items
• Organising tailored practical training for parents on positive parenting and spending more quality time with their children
• Encouraging parents to become proactive members of the school community, through activities such as building a greenhouse close to the school where their children grow vegetables which are later prepared for school meals



Aušra Gužauskien

Eimuntas Raugevičius

Garliava district elder, Project Guardian