(FINALIST 2019) Local volunteers help newcomers to learn Polish for free.

Wrocław has 640,000 inhabitants. About 100,000 people of other nationalities come here for a longer stay each year. They work and study in the city, often without using the Polish language. Through this project, inhabitants of Wrocław volunteer to teach foreigners the Polish language. The local community supports newcomers from other countries and helps them to integrate into Polish society by learning the local language.

The local government of Wrocław initiated the project and set up an online platform to facilitate and coordinate contact between students and volunteers. Students and volunteers meet in 65 different places throughout the city: they study in restaurants, cafes, NGO offices and locations around the city, which are made available free of charge by churches, religious associations and the local government.


Adrian Rode

Project Coordinator

Jacek Sutryk

Mayor of Wrocław