There is a need, but…

In this blog of the series “The Evolution of Polis” we talk about our learnings after meeting with political professionals from across Europe and discussing what it takes to transform political training and development.

How to Innovate Political Parties

Based on our research for POLIS we have crated a spherical model of party innovation which follows an open innovation approach.

Why we started POLIS

In this new blog series we will have a look at the evolution of POLIS, starting with why we think that professional training and development in politics is up for an update.

In the Light of Current Events in Vienna: Together for an open and liberal society

We are shocked and horrified by the terrorist act we had to witness in Vienna yesterday. All partners and team members of The Innovation in Politics Institute in Vienna are well and we are grateful to everyone who contacted us immediately to make sure. Thank you all very much for your thoughts and solidarity!