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With the launch of a new non-profit organisation, we aim to promote innovation in education and support better exchange and networking between private and public education initiatives.

Building an ecosystem

We would love to hear from you

We know that there are already many people and institutions working in the field of educational innovation in Austria. 

Since we want to put them in the spotlight, inspire them and help them scale up, we would be delighted to talk to you soon. We look forward hearing from you!

HEIV is a subsidiary of The Innovation in Politics Institute and is based in Vienna, Austria. 


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Hub for Innovation in Education

Education is key to leading a self-determined life and the basis for democratic participation

Innovation in Education

We are committed to empowering every child to lead a self-determined life. That is why we founded HEIV, the Hub for Education Innovation in Vienna. Acting as a platform, we will


education innovations and better connect innovators in 

education innovations in Austria to scale into the whole education 


education innovators by bringing the knowledge of best practice examples from across Europe to Austria


Lighthouse Project 2023

Festival for innovation 
in education

The first lighthouse project to be implemented is a "Festival for innovation in education" in Vienna in autumn 2023. Preparations for this are already underway.

The event gives stakeholders in the Austrian education system - from educators and innovators, to children and parents - the chance to meet, exchange and learn from each other as well as being  inspired by renowned experts. 

With this event, we are making our core competence visible and tangible: bringing together different stakeholders, facilitating a lively exchange and jointly driving innovation in the education system.

About the initiative

Making Austria Europe's centre for education innovation

The Innovation in Politics Institute supports organisations  throughout Europe in developing and implementing innovative projects to strengthen democracy. Over the past years, we have built up a database of more than 2,000 best practices, as well as a diverse pool of experts from all over Europe. Throughout our activities, innovation in education has been one of our key focus areas.

We have now decided to give more importance to the topic of "innovation in education", with a special focus on building networking and exchange.


Edward Strasser

"With the founding of the Hub for Education Innovation Vienna, we are bringing the knowledge and experience of Europe's most innovative education projects to Austria. At the same time, we promote the local and international networking of institutions and private initiatives in Austria."


Ⓒ Calvin Leander

Ⓒ Calvin Leander


We are the connecting element

With HEIV we are launching a platform that promotes the exchanges between of education innovators in Austria and Europe. Moreover, with its projects and programmes, it enables the scaling of education innovations throughout the whole education system in Austria.

We do not see ourselves as competitors to existing players, but as a connecting element. 

That's why in the coming weeks and months, we will have discussions with all stakeholders to ensure that we are of value to the Austrian educational system.


Behind this initiative

HEIV is powered by The Innovation in Politics Institute, a purpose-driven organisation with the mission of strengthening democracy in Europe and beyond.

In order to make Austria a centre for educational innovation, a team of recognised experts has dedicated itself to this task.

Edward Strasser

Karin Wiesinger

Vince Weissbacher
Project Management

Andreas Ambros-Lechner
General Secretary, 

MEGA Bildungsstiftung

"The education system needs more cooperation and attention to the practical implementation of innovations. [...] The fact that there is now a new organisation that actively promotes the networking of educational innovations in Austria and Europe is a gain for the domestic education system and for all educators."

ERSTE Stiftung

MEGA Bildungsstiftung


We are delighted that several organisations are already supporting us in the realisation of the festival.

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