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To submit a political project for the innovation in politics awards, please complete this submission form.

Important information - please read

We are looking for innovative political projects, not actual inventions. A project should be groundbreaking in its own environment – regardless of whether it might be considered ordinary elsewhere.
All politicians in Europe, elected or appointed, and active at the time their project was implemented, are eligible to participate. We are aware of the fact that political work in Europe takes various forms – if you are not sure whether this definition applies to you, please submit your project nevertheless!
Language: you may submit the project description in an official language of any member country of the council of Europe. However, all project descriptions not received in English will be translated into English by us, so that the jury of 1,000 European citizens can evaluate them. If you are able to submit your text in English, this would make it easier for us.
Project submission is free of charge. All finalists for the awards can also participate in the gala event. Finalists are expected to cover their own travel and accommodation expenses.
We have a deadline: the deadline for project submissions is 15 July 2019.

Personal Information

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*Name of politician reponsible for the project("project owner")

(This can be an individual or a political body.)

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Project Information

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*Short description

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In which category of The Innovation in Politics Awards would you like to submit your project? Each project must be allocated to at least one category and to a maximum of two. For a detailed description of all categories please see the annex. Please mark your selection.


Maximum 100 words Maximum 40% of jury score


Maximum 100 words Maximum 20% of jury score

*Building trust

Maximum 100 words Maximum 20% of jury score


Maximum 100 words Maximum 20% of jury score

*Formal criteria

Each project must meet all of these criteria.

Supplementary information can be uploaded here.

Your project will be evaluated by 1.000 jurors from all over Europe. Therefore, all text- and sound based materials should be in English (or have English video-subtitles). Logos, visuals etc. with text in other languages can be uploaded. Your materials will be presented to the jury in any case, however any materials not available in English might not be understood by the jurors and only evaluated visually.
  • Total overall upload size: 100 MB
  • Max. five Images, graphics, photos (jpeg, jpg, bmp, gif, png)
  • One video (max. two minutes long) (avi, mkv, mp4 - a link can be added below)
  • One audio file (max. ten minutes long) (mp3, wav)
  • One link to websites (English version, no required registration)
  • Max. 2 articles (pdf)

Upload Files

    Remember, a photograph of your project taken by e.g. a journalist or participant, does not automatically give you the right to distribute and use this picture. In such a case, please make sure you have the written permission of the originator for using the picture in the awards. Make sure to include the credit, too.

    To submit your own project, please visit the desktop version of this page