Quality of Life

(FINALIST 2018) A meal across generations: a project in Milan designed to increase social cohesion by having senior citizens share meals with schoolchildren.

"Adotta un nonno" is part of the "I don’t waste" project, launched in the school year 2014-2015 as part of Milan’s food policy, with the aim of reducing food waste in school canteens through various actions. "Adotta un nonno" addresses elderly social services users and children in primary and secondary schools in Milan, with the dual objective of not wasting uneaten school meals and promoting intergenerational contact, encouraging integration and inclusion. The "grandparents", who live in social housing, share lunch with the students in the schools and spend an important moment of the day with them, thus avoiding eating lunch alone at home. In this way an inclusive education promotes caring relationships and the meeting between different generations. While the elderly can transmit their wealth of knowledge and values, children enrich and make this meeting stimulating through their joy and curiosity, which often leads to a relationship that goes beyond lunch-time and continues in the classroom. The positive results of the last four school years will lead the Municipal Administration to relaunch the project for the 2018/2019 school year, involving a greater number of schools and seniors.

Project Owner

Anna Scavuzzo

Deputy Mayor of Milan

Laura Galimberti

Councilor for Education

Pierfrancesco Majorino

Councilor for Social Policies, Health and Rights