Quality of Life

(FINALIST 2018) Creating cohesive communities: laboratories in Italy that partner with local community organisations to create projects and initiatives that focus on inclusion and social cohesion in marginalised communities.

Laboratori di Comunità are laboratories promoting inclusion and social cohesion and offering innovative responses through action involving private and public parties, local communities, and NGOs. Activities include neighbourhood care taking, a people’s fitness centre, pasta production, tailoring (mending and production of outfits created by participants), and storytelling. In some cases these activities are developed into ‘start-ups’ which also generate an income for participants. The activities implemented respond to increasingly complex needs resulting from the changing social landscape. The users and implementers are both actively involved through co-planning procedures, resulting in the preservation of human resources and enhanced social integration. Activities are focused on including marginalised individuals and groups, who are at risk of social exclusion. The inclusive nature of the initiatives encouraged resident citizens’ participation together with participants from different social and cultural backgrounds. Activities also supported the refurbishment and restoration of the buildings hosting the laboratories.

Project Owner

Giuliano Barigazzi

Councillor for Health and Welfare, Bologna Municipality