(FINALIST 2018) Integrating local educational institutes into "learning neighbourhoods" in Vienna, enhancing education and the wider community.

All children in Vienna should have the same opportunities to learn, develop and to realise their dreams. We need educational institutions that inspire pupils and meet their needs and interests, institutions that focus on the learners' inclinations and leave nobody behind. The heart of education is not the institution - not a kindergarten, school or after school club - at the heart of education are the children learning, and it is around the learning child that institutions should be organised. To achieve this a radical opening and networking of all available educational offers within a community network in required. In the immediate neighbourhood of every family in Vienna, there are kindergartens, schools and extracurricular institutions such as book clubs, youth centres or community colleges. These institutes should form a “learning neighbourhood” together, to provide a neighbourhood-oriented educational landscape, which is intended to increase the impact of educational work and positively influence the local community. “Ebner-Inklusiv-Eschenbach” brings together different types of schools, public and private institutions, as well as elementary and special education providers, to form an inclusive and joined-up learning neighbourhood.

Project Owner

Jürgen Czernohorszky

City councillor for Education, Integration, Youth and Personnel