(FINALIST 2018) Encouraging music education: a school that provides systematic music teaching from kindergarten through sixth grade.

This flagship project, which includes systematic music teaching from kindergarten to the sixth year of primary school, is the first of its kind in Belgium. Launched in September 2015, this project has generated enthusiasm among the teaching staff. The children of the schools who had different pedagogical experiences with music confirm that having music classes is a real added value for learning and teaching in general. Improvement can be seen in various fields, such as personal development, teamwork, stimulation of concentration, increased ability to listen, stimulating different forms of intelligence, growth of creativity, respecting rules, harmonious community development, strengthening discipline, development of moral values. In particular, this project allows all pupils, beginning from kindergarten, to receive adapted musical training from music teachers, four times a week. The music classes are included in the pupils’ timetable, and can be complementary to other classes or interdisciplinary. Four music teachers (teachers who studied music, classic instruments and opera singing) have been hired for this purpose with municipal funds.

Project Owner

Joëlle Maison

Member of Parliament and local Councillor, Brussels