(FINALIST 2018) Online participation: an online platform designed to encourage civic participation.

The city of Bonn takes civic participation to the next level - citizens’ involvement in decision-making processes is encouraged and initiated by politicians, administrators and citizens alike. The city provides an online platform which helps citizens actively take part in the organisation of their city and influence municipal decisions. A dedicated Advisory Panel on Citizen Participation prepares, implements and reviews participation processes including: citizens’ dialogue on the city budget 2019/2020; the Bonn bike dialogue which allows citizens to discuss how cycling can be improved; and, a platform which allows citizens to report concerns, problems and deficiencies in their immediate environment. This project facilitates direct citizen participation and provides an inclusive approach to resolving urban issues by providing transparent and clear information to all citizens about planning and projects in the city. Inclusiveness is the focus of the strategy, especially with regards to young people and marginalised groups.

Project Owner

Ashok Sridharan

Mayor of Bonn