(FINALIST 2018) The open digital commons in Linz provides access to digital media to all, creating an inclusive and inspiring creative city environment.

Open Commons Linz is a digital commons, where the contents are freely, openly and easily accessible to the community. Content includes music, pictures, photos, videos, data, literature, radio plays or software. Such digital goods can be shared indefinitely, and can even be improved by allowing users to find and fix bugs or add content. That is also why they are so interesting as commons for communities, cities and whole societies. At the annual Open Commons Congress, innovative and social topics are presented in a low-threshold way. The topics range from the importance of digital archives for democracy; to hate and discrimination in the network; to youth in the network; and to digital sharing in an individualised society. The City of Linz launched the Open Commons Linz initiative to promote digital commons, not only for ideological reasons - to allow a just, democratic access to goods for all - but also in the hope of creating an environment in which creative and inventive people feel comfortable and inspire each other. In addition, the city believes that cooperation rather than competition, is the better long term economic option.

Project Owner

Klaus Luger

Mayor of Linz