(FINALIST 2018) Graz is supporting the professional development of its poorest employees with grants for education and training.

The goal of the "Graz Fund for Promotion and Development" (GraFo) launched by the City of Graz, is to provide better employment and income opportunities for people threatened by poverty through investment in education. The GraFo supports women and men aged 18 to 64 who are employed, have been living in Graz for at least six months, and have a household income below the official poverty threshold. The GraFo supports professional development not only for employees but also for entrepreneurs who live under the poverty line. It includes courses for basic and generally useful skills for the labour market, as well as job-specific training and retraining at recognised educational institutions. A maximum amount of EUR 1,000 per person can be granted. Additionally, the project team of the ÖSB Consulting GmbH offers free qualification advice and supports candidates through the application process. Since the project start in 2015, more than 1189 people have been advised and 321 have been financially supported in their training (as of 12 July 2018). More than half of the beneficiaries have already improved their employment situation in the first year after their training.

Project Owner

Kurt Hohensinner

City Councillor