Quality of Life

(FINALIST 2018) Dublinbikes - one of the world's most successful bike sharing schemes, providing green, healthy and accessible transport for the masses

Dublin City Council’s dublinbikes scheme was one of the first bike-sharing schemes introduced in Europe and it has proven to be one of the most successful, with its 1,600 bikes generating over 4 million trips a year. Since the introduction of the scheme in 2009, dublinbikes continues to expand, with 15 new bike stations and 100 new bikes added in 2018. The scheme makes it easy to borrow a bike, and its bargain price of just €25 for an annual membership ensured exceptional ridership from day one. The bike stations are clustered close together in the city centre, with each station a five-minute walk to another station - this has proven to be a key success factor. This project has succeeded in attracting new people to cycling, with surveys showing that around 40% of members had never cycled in Dublin before its launch. The scheme has effectively widened the footprint of the city centre, as people can travel further to make use of the city’s amenities. This is seen in the lunchtime surge in usage when people use the bikes to meet up with friends for lunch. It is now easier to travel around the city, has improved the environment with fewer motorised journeys, and improved public health by encouraging more active transport.

Project Owner

Councillor Andrew Montague

Councillor, Dublin City Council and former Lord Mayor of Dublin

Councillor Nial Ring

Lord Mayor of Dublin