Quality of Life

(FINALIST 2018) Modernising Swedish healthcare by providing secure online access to medical records enhances information sharing, patient rights and welfare, as well as health outcomes.

The Commissioner for Innovation and eHealth at Stockholm County Council has initiated a broad scale implementation of a service that will provide all patients in the greater Stockholm region with secure online access to their own medical records. The initiative makes it mandatory for all healthcare providers in the region to provide patients with a secure online access to their own medical records. Before, patients could only access part of their record, and it was difficult to share information between different health care providers, eg. different hospitals in the Stockholm region. This project has provided patients with extended rights and simplified access to important information both for patients and for different caregivers, making a great contribution to modernising healthcare. This project is about simplifying difficult matters for patients, to easily access information about what's written in their records, providing a chance to increase trust between patients and health care providers and discourage abuse of power. Enhancing access to information supports democracy, while digitalising information has a positive effect on environmental sustainability.

Project Owner

Daniel Forslund

Daniel Forslund, Commissioner for Innovation, Region of Stockholm