Quality of Life

(FINALIST 2018) Sugar smart Bristol helps citizens become aware of their own sugar consumption, hidden sugars in foods, and how to make healthier choices.

In 2016 Bristol became a sugar smart city, part of the Jamie Oliver Food Foundation social movement to reduce sugar consumption and working in partnership with a range of local organisations to spread the message. Bristol’s Mayor, Deputy Mayor and Councillors fully supported the programme which was led by a Public Health Consultant. Our vision was for Bristol to become a Sugar Smart City creating an environment which raises awareness of sugar consumption and hidden sugars in food and promotes healthier choices when eating out. Our aim was to promote nutrition messages, support access to healthier foods, and improve cooking skills, in order to encourage everyone to have a healthier diet. Bristol was the first city to launch becoming a sugar smart city and has done so with a loud bang. Listening and engaging with the community, within the first 6 months of launching the campaign an estimated 600,000 people have been reached with sugar smart messages (excluding TV coverage). The campaign has also been recognised and supported by the Local Enterprise Partnership, education and health services, and a range of businesses as part of their Corporate Social Responsibility.

Project Owner

Asher Craig