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(FINALIST 2019) A Services Sentre providing social assistance for elderly and socially vulnerable people.

The Guostagalis Services Centre was established in February 2017. All services are provided for residents and organisations in Guostagalis and surrounding neighbourhoods. The Centre provides assistance for the elderly (grass cutting, gardening, cooking, delivery) and socially vulnerable people (specialists teach them social skills, how to grow vegetables, process products, prepare healthy food, and include them in various local cultural activities). The Centre’s specialists provide services that were not possible in the area until now, or which socially vulnerable people couldn’t afford.

Involving volunteers and maintaining partnerships with local organisations, the Centre finds opportunities to provide services at a minimum price or free of charge. The catering service is available for up to twenty elderly people every day, and up to fifteen people are provided with daily social services. Jobs were also created at the Centre for the environmental manager, kitchen worker and social worker. The Centre’s activities have attracted local media attention and guests from other municipalities often visit – the first such Service Centre has become a best-practice example for other communities.

Project Owner

Virginija Jociene

Director of Guostagalis Services Centre, Chair of the Rural Community of Guostagalis