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(FINALIST 2019) A programme designed to attract and retain qualified teachers in rural Sweden.

Norsjö Municipality covers almost 2,000 square kilometers but only has 4,000 inhabitants. Located in northwestern Sweden, Norsjö Municipality has experienced great difficulties in attracting staff for its public services. A Teacher Investment programme has been set up to attract teachers to work in Norsjö and to develop incentives so that they stay in the municipality. Bonuses are offered to qualified teachers who choose to stay in Norsjö: the bonuses are paid when the employment exceeds 12 months (SEK 15,000), 24 months (SEK 25,000) and 36 months (SEK 30,000).

Teachers who start an education to become qualified teachers are offered the possibility to set aside 30 percent of their work time for studies, with full compensation. Money is also set aside for general initiatives to increase health and well-being among teachers in Norsjö. At the beginning of 2018, only 50 percent of all teachers in Norsjö Municipality were qualified to teach in the subjects they were teaching. Since the Teacher Investment programme was initiated, Norsjö Municipality has been able to recruit three more qualified teachers and now 70 percent of teachers are fully qualified.

Project Owner

Magnus Eriksson

Chair of the Committee on Education and Care, Municipality of Norsjö

Therese Berg

Head of Education, Municipality of Norsjö