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(FINALIST 2019) Routine visits to the doctor become a thing of the past with this digital service.

Instead of physically visiting a primary health clinic to see your doctor, the Region of Skåne now offers some patient groups a digital appointment with a doctor. The digital appointment makes access to medical care much easier, particularly for people who require routine assistance, such as when renewing a prescription. This initiative allows primary health clinics (vårdcentraler) resources to be reallocated.

An appointment can be made in three easy steps: 1. The patient logs in with an electronic ID (BankID) and describes his or her symptoms by answering a number of questions; pictures can be attached. 2. The patient receives a written response from a nurse and, if necessary, a doctor who is a specialist in general medicine. The patient receives a notification via SMS or email when answers are available. 3. The patient and the care provider have the opportunity to continue to be in touch via text until the matter is resolved.

Project Owner

Birte Sandberg

Chair of the Committee on Primary Care in the Region of Skåne

Caroline Hedenström

First deputy chair of the Committee on Primary Care