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(WINNER 2019) Emerging technologies can be used to solve public sector challenges in Lithuania.

Startups and small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) are transforming major industries, but one sector is often overlooked – government. GovTech, involving the use of emerging technologies to solve public sector challenges, harnesses the potential of startups and SMEs to support government innovation. The worldwide GovTech market is calculated to be 400 billion USD and is predicted to continue to grow. Lithuania’s GovTech Lab aims to maximise the potential of GovTech for technology creators, the government and citizens.

The Lab underpins Lithuania’s burgeoning GovTech ecosystem, facilitating the connection between the public sector, startups and SMEs, academia and the voluntary sector. The Lab has already helped ten public sector institutions identify challenges that can be solved with emerging technologies and works with the private sector to accelerate new GovTech solutions. To support the application of GovTech solutions, the Lab’s team oversees training sessions for public sector workers on topics ranging from artificial intelligence and open data, to fostering soft skills that enable innovation. The Lab also organises ‘town hall’ meetings that are open to the public to encourage transparent sharing of knowledge, with over 600 participants to date.

Project Owner

Agila Barzdiene

Head of "Create Lithuania"

Elijus Civilis


Arune Matelyte


Virginijus Sinkevicius

Minister of Economics and Innovation