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Communecter / Connect with your municipality


(FINALIST 2017)Connect and share: an exchange platform for citizens’ feedback and proposals

Communecter (an amalgam of “commune” – municipality – and “connecter” – to connect) is the result of several years’ reflection on how to connect to one’s municipality with the help of digital tools. Created initially at La Réunion, a French island in the Indian Ocean, its mission is to spread the idea nationally. Communecter was inspired by tools such as Wikipedia to enable each citizen to contribute directly to projects and the governance of a territory (neighbourhood, municipality, region, etc.).

Thus the platform is an independent network and a tool for municipalities, associations, companies, and citizens, to propose ideas and projects: a common good to share. The objective is to allow all city players to act together rather than each on their own through a common platform. Mapping your surroundings, meeting people who share the same interests, learning, exchanging ideas ... this is what Communecter is for.


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La Réunion

Region of France