Lighthouse Project School Farm


(FINALIST 2017) School farm: acquainting schoolchildren with traditional farming methods and farm animals

Täferrot is the only community in Baden-Württemberg province to have a small, family-run, all-day primary school with a farmyard. The school farm, a living project that is constantly evolving, extends the teaching staff’s range of educational materials and resources, and enhances overall school life. Animals can meaningfully supplement the standard educational plan and promote children’s development. Encounters with farm animals are becoming increasingly rare for children even in rural areas, due to industrialised agriculture and mass livestock farming. The school farm is intended to counteract this alienation. In addition, students take responsibility for farm work. This creates new learning spaces for various competences, and builds a network through the cooperation with numerous associations and businesses in the region. The school farm has changed the community, encouraging citizen engagement, and has become the centre of the village. It contributes to increasing the appeal of village life and to strengthening the sense of community.

Project Owner

Daniel Vogt

Mayor of Täferrot