Breakout Session at the European Forum Alpbach: The Evolution of Democratic Parties

The Innovation in Politics Institute is hosting a Breakout Session at this year’s European Forum Alpbach in cooperation with the Political Academy of the Austrian People’s Party and the Club Alpbach Germany. The Session will be broadcasted live from Berlin.

New political parties have been popping up all over Europe. They are drivers of innovation in politics, defining new approaches, new tools and processes to grow and act quickly. Their organisation and strategies differ considerably from those in established parties. Traditional parties, on the other hand, struggle with adapting such changes and suffer from losing votes.

The Breakout Session aims to dive into current democratic politics by highlighting creative initiatives, projects and processes. These examples have helped to transform traditional political parties into innovative organizations ready to face the challenges of today and tomorrow.

We will discuss the evolution of democratic parties with managers of political startups as well as representatives from traditional parties who were able to successfully transform their party from within. By providing the essence of their experiences and insights, they identify the core success factors when it comes to innovation of a democratic party – which seems to be essential for political survival.

If you are a participant at this year’s European Forum Alpbach, we invite you to join us online on 31 August at 12 am

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