Barcelona, refugee city

(FINALIST 2017) Ready to help: preparing for a potential large influx of refugees.

The Barcelona, Refugee City plan was launched in September 2015 to gear the city up to receive and assist refugees, provide the necessary services and guarantee their rights.

The plan consists of four main parts that involve various City Council departments and services: reception strategy defines Barcelona’s reception model and the implementation stages, taking into account refugees’ needs and rights, but also those of the city’s population; care for refugees already in Barcelona, by bolstering the Care Service for Immigrants, Emigrants and Refugees (SAIER) and designing a care programme that offers protection and assistance to asylum seekers who are receiving no help from the state programme; citizen participation and information, including a civic space for coordinating the efforts of the City Council and NGOs in volunteer work, awareness-raising and development education tasks; action abroad, i.e. coordination and mutual support between European cities, city-to-city and in the international networks they belong to.




Jaume Asens

Deputy Mayor

Ignasi Calbó

Project coordinator