Diversity Management

(FINALIST 2017) Bringing people together: Mannheim sets the pace for respectful urban coexistence.

Municipalities today see a growing diversity of their citizens. The 336,368 people from more than 167 different nations living in the city of Mannheim represent considerable ethnic, cultural and religious diversity, complemented by the heterogeneity of other factors such as social background, age and gender, sexual identity or disability. For this reason, the city administration, within the framework of the CHANGE2 administrative reform process, has set the goal of intercultural openness for respectful coexistence in urban society.

The City Council of Mannheim promotes this through a Round Table on Diversity Management and strategies such as anonymous application procedures or sensitisation workshops for employees. The Mannheim Declaration for Living Together in Diversity convenes several times a year and organises more than 120 events during the four weeks of the Alliance Action Days every October. Success depends on the city administration developing this process in close cooperation and exchange with citizens.




Dr. Peter Kurz

Mayor of Mannheim