Improving Outcomes for Young Black Men in Hackney

(FINALIST 2017) Integrative approach: creating better opportunities for disadvantaged young black men.

Young black men have tended to fare worse than their peers in many ways, from poorer educational results to higher rates of offending. Public bodies have tried different approaches to dealing with it, but none have had the desired impact. Hackney’s new approach involves local people, the voluntary and community sectors, and the public sector coming together to jointly shape and deliver solutions.

Their work aims to improve life chances for future generations as well as to coordinate support and opportunities for those who are 18-25 now. The focus is on harnessing successful potential, increasing visibility, and tackling inequalities, building on existing success without stereotyping or treating black men simply as problems to be solved. The programme sets clear goals to reduce disproportionality over the next ten years by ensuring that outcomes and opportunities for black boys and young black men are the same as for the wider population. It also aims to foster cultural changes in terms of aspirations and in terms of trust of the state and changes in media portrayals.




Anntoinette Bramble

Councillor, Hackney Town Hall