(FINALIST 2019) Innovative Schools are recognised for their inspiring work and encouraged to support other schools to follow in their footsteps.

Innovative Schools is a model for building a new educational paradigm through which students can improve their educational outcomes and enhance their critical thinking and creativity through innovative educational processes, teaching methods, school leadership and learning strategies. In order to be considered innovative, schools have to show that they have improved the quality of education by introducing innovative elements, redeveloping the curriculum, or introducing new programmes. Innovative Schools also need to create, develop and share materials so that other schools can learn about relevant innovations and the steps they need to take to adopt these innovations.

Obtaining an Innovative School status enables the headteacher and their team to gain more freedom in organising the learning process and the teaching plan. The Innovative School status also encourages schools to grow and introduce new learning methods, while drawing on experiences.


Krasimir Valchev

Minister of Education and Science