Integration project Kistlerhofstraße

(WINNER 2017) Integrative housing: young refugees living together with local students.

This integrative housing project, the first of its kind in Germany, provides a home for 62 unaccompanied minor and young adult refugees between the ages of 16 and 26, alongside 41 university students. By living together with students of the same age group, young refugees can learn about German culture and can interact with a part of society immediately.

The main aim of the project is to create a safe place for young refugees and to help them to live independently. They are often socially disadvantaged and, without family support, have specific needs regarding social integration, personal development, education, and further career guidance. Social workers are present 24/7 and support the young refugees by assisting them in obtaining a school degree, finding suitable apprenticeships or, if possible, jobs.
The building also houses a social cafeteria, as well as conference rooms, which are accessible to the whole neighbourhood and thereby promote social interaction between people of different backgrounds.



Dieter Reiter

Mayor of the City of Munich