Brian Sock

Brian Sock is our Senior Sock for Entertainment, Multimedia and Content Production. When he isn’t busy being an award winning actor, comedian and media personality, he likes to use his fame to promote positive political change through the Institute’s project, Socks Talk Politics

Do you have any mentors in your professional life?

Throughout the years, I’ve had several beings in my life who have had a great impact. Not all of them would call themselves my mentors, but on a bigger scope, isn’t everybody we meet in our lives in some way a mentor? Think about it.

Where did you work before this position and why did you join the Innovation in Politics Institute?

I hosted SNL (Socks Night Live) for twenty years and did low-level roles in numerous sports movies before I decided to open a new drawer in my career. Joining the Innovation in Politics Institute obviously wasn’t about money, I have enough, trust me. It’s not about being famous. I am, you know. This was about all those admirable and inspiring people in politics who need as much exposure as possible to show everyone what can be done. If I, a five-time Golden Sock winner, can contribute to that by offering my celebrity status, I am very happy to do so.

What’s your favorite movie?

Coming from the industry, that’s a tough question to answer. But in general, I admire the work of Alfred Hitchsock.

Are you a sports fan? Who are your favorite teams?

I’m a huge Red Sox fan. I’m pretty sure they play baseball. 

What’s one thing you’re really bad at?

Table tennis.

What show are you currently binge-watching?

I am currently rewatching all seasons of a show I starred in called “Grey Sock Emergency Room Hospital”. It’s a medical drama.

If you could have a career in anything, what would it be?

I would be really interested in what it’s like to be a glove.

What’s your favorite holiday?

I don’t really have one—but I know which holiday I don’t like: Christmas. I think it’s barbaric to hang up socks above the fireplace—do you know how hot it gets??